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  2. K-Maps

The only high-performance enterprise GIS server software in Korea which supports multiple spatial information service

Server structure
KMaps Server
  • A multi-purpose server for management, display, analysis, and service of GIS related spatial and non-spatial data - Engine
  • A supporting tool for server monitoring, configuration setting, data construction, viewing, thematic map setting - Tool
  • A developer tool designed to support development of server-based application programs - Toolkit
Open API
  • A developer tool which supports development of web-based application programs and services - Toolkit
  • Installation (system settings), administrator and developer manual - Document
Server Characteristics
Compliant with standard regulations and specifications
  • Supports OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standard specifications and services
    • Simple Feature, Coverage, GML, SLD, Filter, SE
    • WMS, WFS(T), WCS, WPS
  • Supports the international standard coordinate system and customized user coordinate system
    • EPSG, SR-ORG
  • OGC
  • ISO
  • EPSG
  • SR-ORG
Multiple-integrated service
  • One server is used to integrate the Socket, HTTP services in an integrated manner
  • Various thematic maps can be serviced in one server
    • National spatial information, underground facility integration, urban planning information, municipal organizations’ intranet, and facility management system
  • The meta-information of the service is operated separately to minimize the impact on other services
  • Server & Service
  • Multi service
  • MetaData
Standard system development & related support
  • We develop standard system that can be operated in various platforms
    • Compatible with all platforms where Jre can be installed
  • We support various DBMSs used in the Korean market
    • Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2
    • Kairos, Altibase, Tibero, Cubrid, PostgreSQL
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • DBMS
Mass-storage & high-performance processing capacity
  • We implement the most appropriate threading method for fast processing of large storage spatial data
  • We develop various formats to enable various spatial data services
  • Large-storage/capacity
  • High-performance
  • Web App
  • C/S App
Server main features
Distinction Major functions Note
System operation Log-in/log-out, service management, log management, operational manipulation and monitoring
Layer management Creating, deleting, and editing layers, and management, locking, and unlocking of meta-information and schema
Map management Service map management, style management, symbol management, map coordinate system definition, and image map
Coordinate system management Referent coordinate system management, oval and transparency method management, transferring definition format, and coordinate transfer
Viewing and calculation Viewing property and spatial information, logic and spatial filter, spatial calculation, spatial relations, and surveying
Data editing Locking spatial information, managing transactional information, property and spatial editing, division, merge, and expansion
Data conversion WKT/WKB conversion, GML conversion, Vector and Raster file conversion
Tools Spatial statistics, tile map construction, terrain/space/Raster analysis

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